Fellow Citizens, Good evening.

I am George Mitchell, the National Coordinator for COVID-19.

TODAY, FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2020, I announce that two more laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 on mainland Grenada, have been diagnosed.

This brings the total confirmed cases of COVID-19 presently on Island to 13.
As we discussed in our press conferences earlier this week, our medical team has commenced a broader range of testing, based on our modelling regarding contact tracing and timeline activities of all the COVID-19 confirmed cases to date.
Also, we now have the ability to conduct testing here on Island. So far this week, we have tested 47 persons, of which 45 were negative and 2 are positive.
This brings our overall testing total to 92; of which 14 have tested positive, however, only 13 cases here on Island.

Both individuals are related to one of the cases previously announced.

Both these individuals are stable.
Let me assure that all our positive cases and their contacts are under quarantine.
We continue to rigorously enforce and enhance quarantine and isolation measures, and the RGPF has been a diligent partner in ensuring that the guidelines are observed.
We urge the public to inform the Ministry of Health or nearest health facility of any individual displaying acute respiratory symptoms.
If you believe you are exhibiting symptoms of the virus, do not leave your house. Do not take public transportation. Do not go into any hospital or medical facility.

Call the health hotline at 538 4787 or 458 4787.

I remind you to please observe the curfew. Please stay inside, unless there’s a medical or food emergency, or you are an essential worker.

I urge you to wash your hands and generally practice good hygiene. Wear a mask or cover your face when in public, as much as possible.

In closing, I express gratitude to all frontline workers, including our medical professionals and the Royal Grenada Police Force, for their selfless and tireless service in helping to protect Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, from this deadly disease.
Let us work together to prevent community spread and ensure that our country wins the battle against COVID-19.

I thank you.