State of emergency revoked and all travel protocols lifted

By April 6, 2022No Comments

In relation to the Covid-19 regulations, the proclamation of the Governor-General revoking the State of Emergency was Gazetted on 04th April 2022 in accordance with Section 17:3 of the Constitution. As such I am in a position to confirm that the state of Grenada is no longer operating under a state of emergency,” announced Dia Forrester, Attorney General during the weekly Tuesday post-cabinet briefing on 5 April 2022.

“In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic we no longer have restrictions on the movement of people, the operations of businesses, the mandate to wear masks and maintain physical distancing. The mandate to demonstrate one’s vaccination status to access services, and all other features of the Covid-19 Emergency Powers Regulations as those have now been repealed,” she explained.

Speaking about the other public health measures, Forrester said that the Quarantine Covid Regulations where you find the travel restrictions and the mandates for testing prior to arrival and or on arrival in Grenada have also been repealed.