The Ministry of Health has embarked on an aggressive COVID-19 awareness and readiness campaign, this consists of five pillars.  

  • A Robust Public Education and Awareness
  • Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Building/Strengthening Public/Private Partnerships.
  • Targeting most at-risk populations (especially the Elderly & Immune-suppressed persons)
  • Preparing medical staff and building general capacity to quarantine, isolate and treat with suspected and confirmed cases of the COVID-19


The Ministry of Health Grenada – engages with the Grenadian community here and abroad and provides important safety and public health information through our website and Facebook page.  We encourage contributions to our web and Facebook pages but reserve the right to remove posts and comments that violate our community guidelines.  Please keep all comments and posts relevant and respectful.


This website does not offer medical advice – if you have concerns about your health, please get in touch with a medical practitioner.


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