• Is there a website or link where I can find information on travel to Grenada?

    All information regarding travel is available on the site.
    All travellers are required to complete the information on the travel portal, upload their negative PCR test and other relevant documents to receive a Pure Safe Travel Authorization certificate.*

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  • Am I required to get tested before travelling to Grenada, even if I am coming from a Low-risk country?

    All passengers, regardless of place of origin, are required to obtain a negative PCR test from a certified laboratory within 3 days of their flight to Grenada. Children age five (5) and under are exempt from the PCR test requirement.


  • When do I take the PCR Test for travel to Grenada?

    Your PCR test must be conducted within 3 days of travel to Grenada. 

  • Do I submit my test result via the same portal?

    Yes, if the results are available in time. If not, please ensure that you walk with a copy of your negative COVID test, as you will not be able to board the flight without it. 

    All Travellers are required to also keep an electronic or printed copy of the negative test result and the Pure Safe Travel Certificate for presentation to the travel agents at the port of origin. 

  • When do I submit the application for the Travel Authorization?

    Travellers are asked to submit the complete online application, preferably within 7 days of travel, but no later than 2 days before travel to Grenada.

    An electronic or printed copy of the PCR test results and the Certificate must also be presented at check-in.

  • When should I begin my application process for the travel authorization?

    You can begin the application process for travel authorization 7 days before travel, via the Authorization Portal. If you are unable to provide all the information at the time of submission, then further information will be requested from you via email. You can then log back into the system with the email address you originally used for signing in, to input the missing information.

  • What documents am I required to present at check-in?

    Travellers to Grenada are required to present an electronic or printed copy of their Travel Authorization Certificate and their negative PCR test result, as well as all other relevant travel documents, as per immigration requirements.

  • How do I apply for home quarantine?

    Visit to access the Travel Authorization portal. Travellers can indicate their interest in quarantining at home when completing their travel authorization request. If they meet the requirement, then they will receive a response informing them that they are approved for home quarantine. 

    Travellers who are not approved for home quarantine are required to book quarantine accommodations for a minimum of 7 days, at one of the state-approved facilities. 

    The Information on all pre-approved quarantine facilities can be found on this website

  • What are the requirements for Home Quarantine?

    Home quarantine is considered for approval based on the following criteria:

    • If the person travelling is, or persons in the travelling party are over 65, travelling with minors (under age 18)
    • Fully vaccinated using a WHO approved vaccine
    • Diplomats or Government Officials
    • Have a disability or medical condition
    • Must pass pre-screening
    • Any other extenuating circumstances (input field provided to state what it is) 
    • Home must be inspected and deemed suitable for home quarantine

    You must submit your application for home quarantine no later than 7 days before travel.

  • If I do not have a phone to get the App, what should I do?

    The App is used as a means of communicating your symptoms and for the Ministry to communicate important information with you. If you do not have a phone, you may be required to be fitted with a wearable device. You may apply in advance to or a determination will be made at point of entry. Please note that there is a rental fee for the device ($55.00 USD for the entire duration of your quarantine).